Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Late Day Monday May 8th - 3rd

Today was the day I tuned the GK. at the 'default' setting, I would have been extremely overpowered today. At the ball stop, in 'depowered mode' i was still getting lifted vertically on gusts on my first attempt. I brouhgt the kite down and pulled the deposer line in about 7 INCHES - pretty far. I also moved the small plastic pin inside the line far enough to define a reasonable range for my arm length.
Wind at Waddell May 7th 2006
Althought the tuning left the back lines slack at 'full power' the kite flew well. It definitely absorbs gusts better than a standard 4 or 5 line kite. The kite handled well in winds in teh 25 - 30 range. I could tell on some tiny jumps that this kite will definitely FLY with much less bar pressure and less 'swing' compared to the standard kites I am used to. Very floaty when in the air..


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