Friday, April 21, 2006

Kite Conditions Friday April 21 2006

4:45 – 5:35 125cm board; Torch 12

Outside: The wind felt really good the whole session. Extremely tight range, and very steady all afternoon. 20/23 with gusts to 27/28. Direction perfect on the outside.

Inside: Very problematic. Totally off shore SW wind direction by 4:30, both light and gusty. Nominal spped of 6 to 12 with gusts to 22.

Current : + 1 knot in the wrong direction. In combination with the light wind, the kite did not have enough power on the inside to get the board to plane. Outside was fine.

Torch 12 was a good pick for the outside. Same goes for the board. Nothing could be done for conditions on the inside. Coming in was really difficult. Remarkable difference in wind direction and speed inside vs. outside remarkable. Dropped kite once. It definitely wanted to relaunch - remember to swim toward it to help it. Leash helped this session, the kite would not have powered me up wind to the board today.


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