Thursday, April 27, 2006

Notes on the GK Sonic

Rigging the kite is completely different than rigging a 4 or 5 line standard kite. A couple of helpful notes:

Orange GK Sonic 1. the far outside struts are really small. The nozzle is smaller than the fittings on any Naish or Cabrina pump so make sure you have the pump that comes with the GK when you rig.

2. the main bladder has 3 nozzles. one in the center where you expect it, and one on each tip where you don't. After pumping at the center for some time, I finally figured out why it was never fully inflating.

3. the bridle lines are long, and can get wrapped around the main bladder while setting up. One the bladder is full, the bridle line can't be released unless the bladder is deflated.

4. The leash attach point looks like it was created to wrap around the harness bar - its 'fat' so if you clip it on a d ring on the harness for example, the velcro does not attach right to lock it in place.

5. There are TWO places to hook your leash. One on the chicken loop, the other at the point the two front lines come together. The front line loop is for self landing the kite - by pulling the front lines toward you and unattaching from the chicken loop then reattaching at the front line junction.

6. There are TWO stopper balls beyond the stopper insert. Not yet sure what the purpose of the second one is...

6. there IS NO depower strap, the kite power is only set ONCE on land before launch with a cleat. set it RIGHT, ONCE, before heading out.


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